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About Simply Commercial

Simply Commercial began trading in 2013, with the sole desire to provide comprehensive insurance covers combined with outstanding levels of service whilst maintaining excellent value for money. We made a conscious decision not be driven by numbers so there is no hard sell, and all our staff share this same philosophy. We decided to offer bespoke insurances for faith institutions so Simply Mosque was formed.

Our simple can-do approach to insurance:

  • Finding the most complete insurance for you and your needs
  • Bringing to light the responsibilities imposed on you by insurers
  • Helping you to effectively manage your policy

Our ethos:

  • Honest, transparent and an ethical approach
  • Thorough risk review & challenge of renewal prices
  • Free no obligation review service
  • Professional yet personal level of service

Code of Ethics

Simply Commercial prides itself on maintaining a strict set of principles on ethical conduct and the staff lead by example. We fully endorse the code and demand that its standards are fully met by all those who are involved with our company. Such governance is entirely what our clients deserve and are entitled to expect from us.

We aim to earn the trust of our clients by ensuring that their interests are always at the heart of everything we do and consistently exceed client expectations.

As a representative of Simply Commercial I will:

  • Always conduct with integrity, dignity, and truthfulness to earn recognition as a trusted and valued advisor and provider of exemplary customer service.
  • Always place the direct and indirect interests of my clients first and above any personal gain.
  • Always respond to my clients’ needs, providing full and accurate disclosure of all information and analysis which will enable them to make the most informed and appropriate decision possible.
  • To maximize the absolute suitability of all product and service recommendations by being sensitive to the client’s needs.
  • Always protect the confidentiality of the company-client relationship, both business and personal.
  • To improve professional knowledge and competence through continuing education and personal development.
  • Always comply with the letter and intent of the law and insurance regulations.

This Code is based on the belief that through our words and actions we will bring honour to ourselves, our profession, and our companies.

Green initiative

Simply Commercial is committed to creating environmentally sustainable work environments that contribute to a greener future. We believe we have an obligation to conduct daily operations in a way that conserves natural resources and protects our environment. We have implemented eco-friendly practices within our operation. We have made it a priority to partner with suppliers who also commit to becoming more environmentally friendly.

We hope to educate our clients and wider community on the benefits of becoming more sustainable and provide possible solutions to business and individuals for them to help make a difference.

Here is an example of some of the things we currently implement:

  • Eco friendly lighting that is run on sensors so only ever in use when necessary.
  • Separate recycling facilities.
  • Only using kettle to boil exact amount of water needed or using hot tap.
  • Remote working as much as possible reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating the daily commute to the(office).
  • When remote working is not viable, organising carpools to reduce number of vehicles needed to commute.

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