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Charitable organisations do an amazing job in supporting thousands of people every day throughout the UK and we aim to help them so they can continue helping others.

Do I need charity insurance?

Charities are unique in that they operate for the benefit of whoever needs their goods or services, but just like any other organisation, charities must meet certain legal requirements. One of these is Employers Liability insurance if you employ staff or have volunteers.

At Simply Commercial we are experts in arranging Not for Profit and Charity insurance for a wide range of charities and organisations in the UK. As an insurance broker, we have access to a range of insurers and can find the most competitive rates for our clients.

Our insurance policies are bespoke and tailored to suit your individual organisation’s needs, our dedicated team work on your behalf to get the policy most proficient for you and for the best price.

You can choose from an extensive range of covers which are tailored to suit your needs.


What covers are available for my charity?

Employers Liability

Cover against claims by employees and volunteers for injuries caused during their employment.

Remember, Employers’ liability insurance is compulsory by law, and you could be charged hefty fines for each day you are not covered.

Property Damage

This covers damage to your insured property, whether that be your buildings, contents, electronic equipment, stock or money, from a variety of unforeseen events, such as earthquakes, fires, flooding or theft.

Public & Products Liability

Cover against claims by third parties for injuries suffered or property damaged arising out of your activities. For example, a service user injures their back due to slipping on a wet floor or falls ill due to food you provided.

Trustees Liability

Financial protection for individuals in positions of authority if a claim is made against them for committing a wrongful act that is damaging to the organisation.

Legal Protection

Cover for your legal costs in defending a claim brought against you. For example, if someone tries to take legal action against your charity such as an employment dispute, property protection, bodily injury and general legal defence.

These Additional covers are also available should you need them:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Theft by Employees & Volunteers
  • Personal Accident for Employees & Volunteers
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Terrorism

Charity insurance in action

Volunteer error

A volunteer decides to send out emails to raise awareness for your charity, but they accidentally attach confidential information and send it to the public which leads to a breach of data case being filed against the charity. A legal team is needed, and court proceedings occur. You have professional indemnity cover, so all the costs and compensations are likely to be covered meaning no additional costs to the organisation.

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Extensive cover for complex needs

Public liability

Protection against liability claims made against you or your organisation.

Employers liability

Protection against the cost of compensation claims arising from employee illness or injury as a result of their work for you.

Professional indemnity

Cover for any claim made against your organisation by a client or customer for any losses they suffer as a result of your work or advice.

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