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Buying a property to let can be an excellent investment and having the right Landlords’ Insurance in place is one of the best ways of protecting it.

Landlords Insurance is also known as buy-to-let insurance. It differs from home insurance as it is specifically designed to provide financial protection to landlords renting the property rather than occupying it. We understand that being a landlord can be time-consuming and brings its own set of challenges, whilst you are busy with legislation and regulations, attracting tenants and maintaining your property we can offer tailored insurance policies to give you peace of mind.

It is not a legal requirement to have Landlord insurance however it is in your best interests to consider protecting your investment from the many risks associated with renting and buy-to-let properties.

What type of property do I need to have to get a policy?

We can cover the following:

  • Properties let directly to the council
  • Properties let directly to housing associations
  • Bedsit type properties
  • Multi-tenanted houses/flats
  • Bungalows
  • Properties with Asylum seeker tenants
  • Properties with Short term lease
  • Properties with Housing benefit recipients
  • Properties with Student tenants
  • Properties with employed / self-employed & retired tenants
  • Unoccupied properties to be let within 90 days
  • Contents only option

Various types of Landlords insurance cover different risks. The most common covers are building insurance and property owners’ liability insurance, but you may add countless other covers such as loss of rent, accidental damage and contents insurance. 


What does it cover?

A typical package would consist of:

Building insurance – covers the cost of repairs or rebuilding of your property if it is damaged by something such as fire, floods or arson. Alternatively, you can cover just the fixtures and fittings, which would help cover the costs of repairing or replacing things such as skirting boards or bathroom units.

Property owners’ liability insurance – also known as landlord liability insurance, is a type of public liability insurance that is designed just for landlords. It is built to cover the costs from claims made by a tenant or a visitor to the property if they are injured or their property is damaged and they blame you as the landlord.

Loss of rent – The insurer pays out the amount of rent you are owed in the case of tenants having to move out due to damage caused by events such as fire or floods. However, loss of rent won’t protect you from tenant default where they simply just do not pay their rent or evict themselves from the property.

Home emergency cover – covers the essentials in case of a breakdown such as boilers, plumbing and electricity. Can also cover home security including lost keys and hotel costs up to certain limits.

Some other covers we believe may be useful:

  • Contents insurance
  • Alternative accommodation insurance
  • Accidental damage insurance
  • Landlord legal expense covers
  • Employers liability


I have several properties do I need a policy for each one?

If you own multiple properties, we can also offer Landlord portfolio insurance which makes it much easier to get the right level of cover for all of your properties without the hassle of finding individual policies. It gives you a single policy and one renewal date and your properties can be added or removed as your portfolio changes.

Landlord insurance in action:

A fire breaks out in a neighbours property which spreads to yours, causing structural damage. Your tenants have to move out whilst you pay for a rebuild, luckily you have building insurance which pays for the building costs and loss of rent insurance so you don’t lose your income whilst the property is unoccupied.

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Landlords Unoccupied Insurance

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Unoccupied Commercial Property Owners Insurance

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Public liability

Protection against liability claims made against you or your organisation.

Employers liability

Protection against the cost of compensation claims arising from employee illness or injury as a result of their work for you.

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