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Gurdwara Insurance

Gurdwara Insurance

We specialise in providing insurance for religious institutions, including Gurdwaras. We know exactly how to assist individuals looking for this niche type of cover. 

We aim to protect your place of worship against the unforeseen. With our help, you can take out a policy that’s been made with your Gurdwara in mind, to ensure that even if the unexpected happens, you can quickly get back to serving your community with only a minimal amount of disruption. 

If you’re wondering how we could help you, our policies look a little like this:

Why you need Gurdwara Insurance 

Regardless of the fact you’re looking at our product, you might yet be unconvinced of whether or not you actually need it. We would argue that you do, and it’s all because of the assets you own. Typically carrying a substantial value, these are yours to protect in your capacity as a trustee, and in order to fulfil this duty, you need financial support to cover the cost of any losses or damage to your contents or building. We can provide this. 

Furthermore, you will also find that, as a trustee, you are bound by law to ensure that Employer’s Liability Insurance is in place should anyone work at your Gurdwara. On our Gurdwara Insurance product, volunteers are treated as employees, offering them more protection.

The type of cover you’ll require 

There are lots of different types of cover that a Gurdwara may want to consider investing in, but the needs of each of these religious institutions will be bespoke, and this is something we recognise.

We will work with you too assemble a policy that suits the needs of your Gurdwara. We will make sure that you only pay for the types of cover you actually require, we offer competitive premuiums, but will make sure that you’re properly protected. 

Some of the covers we offer are: 

Why you should choose us 

Even if you’re convinced of the necessity of Gurdwara Insurance, you may be wondering why you should choose us as your provider. First and foremost, it’s because we are experienced and expert in our niche. Offering bespoke policies that reflect the individual needs of our clients, we are committed to accommodating you as far as possible, and make certain that we always provide an excellent service. 

We can offer: 

Protect your place of worship today by getting in touch with us to find out more. We're always here and ready to help.

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