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Mosque Insurance

Mosque Insurance

It is our mission to protect Islamic institutions as best we can for future generations, by ensuring that their everyday running is safeguarded even in the event of an emergency through our Mosque Insurance product offerings.

When you come to us, we want to make it so that no unforeseen occurrence can disrupt worship, and we do this by taking care of the practicalities and guarding against all scenarios, however unlikely they might seem. 

Together, we’ll create a Mosque Insurance policy that really works for you, by avoiding disruption as far as possible, and giving you the means to get back in action and start serving your community again as quickly as possible. 

How we can help you

Mosque Insurance is a highly specialised niche, but luckily, we are experienced in this field of expertise. Our advisors are followers of the faith and so understand exactly what these Islamic institutions need to best protect them, which is why our policies include the following: 

The necessity of Mosque Insurance 

We endeavour to help our clients in any way we can, and we know from talking to them that it can sometimes be unclear whether Mosque Insurance is really necessary. In our eyes, it is. 

The reasons for this are simple. As a large community institution, most Mosques have a considerable number of assets which must be managed and protected accordingly by trustees. Unless you know that you have adequate financial resources to maintain the normal services of the Mosque, should some sort of damage occur, then you really need insurance as a back-up.

More than this, should you employ anyone at all to work on the premises, you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance as a minimum - one of the many types of cover that we provide. On our Mosque Insurance product, volunteers are treated as employees, offering them more protection.

The type of cover you need 

There are lots of different types of covers that can be included with Mosque Insurance, and that’s we give you the flexibility to choose only the level of protection that you require. This means you don't have to pay for something you do not require and the money saved can be better spent within your organisation. 

Some of the covers available: 

If you’re not sure which of these you need, you’re always welcome to talk to our team and receive their professional advice without any obligations attached. 

For more information, you can visit our dedicated Mosque Insurance website, or you can call us on 01922 214 412 and speak to a specialist advisor.

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